A small but well-stocked boutique is available to all tenants at no charge for clothing and household items. Tenants work with our Resident Service Coordinator to maintain a variety of inventory and identify needs within the population. Donations to our boutique are welcome by appointment.

Dinner Program

Enjoying an evening meal together is one of life’s simple pleasures. We serve a well-balanced dinner Monday -Thursday to all residents, free of charge. A monthly house-wide birthday celebration is held mid-month. Leftovers are generally available on a first come first served basis the following day as well. We are grateful to Farm Direct Coop for their ongoing donation of 2 CSA shares of local organic produce.

Scholarship Awards

A scholarship awards program started by our founders continues today to assist our student residents. We live by the words of Albert Einstein, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”. Whether personal or professional development, we support the whole person and their individual goals.

Residence Service Coordinator

Another complimentarly and valuable resource to all tenants is the RSC who can assist with a variety of matters ranging from benefits maximization, employment search and readiness, educational opportunity, personal development and interpersonal affairs. At times, the most important support is the intangible encouragement of a kind word or open ear to listen.

Cultural & Holiday Celebrations

The sharing of customs, cultural identities and holidays are the fruits of being human. We rejoice at the opportunity to bring the world in to our tenants lives through the art of celebration!

Educational Programs

Monthly tenant meetings assist us in determining the needs of the resident population. Computer use, GED and ESL support classes are offered at various times.

Guess who’s coming to Dinner

A new program to bring the greater community in is our monthly Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Community leaders such as the Mayor of Lynn, Business Owners, and others are invited to dinner to share their experiences with our residents.

Health & Wellness Programs

A commitment to self-care is the foundation of a healthy life. We encourage and assist our residents in seeking care for their health needs. Workshops dealing with HIV/Aids, grief, anxiety and stress are some of the topics covered this year. Yoga, gardening and walking clubs are easily shared activities that provide terrific benefits.

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